Servara is a revolutionary cloud-based SaaS.

Field Service Platform that utilizes and optimizes worldwide scheduling, planning and forecasting operations within a single, unique platform that delivers supreme functionality that maximize enterprise efficiency at minimum cost.


Optimize the scheduling of your employees with Servara’s smart software solution, which houses all the information you need in one place. Our platform gives you the ability to see your planned work schedule as well as log information on activities performed during field service operations. You will gain a better view of your business operations, as you track labor and stay informed about your workforce’s day-to-day activities.


When you have multiple shifts to cover, our software can help you change the schedule 

easily, without interrupting the daily flow of activities. Whether an employee needs to adjust due to vacation, illness, or unexpected circumstances that arise, Servara’s software makes it possible for you to maintain a dynamic plan, delivering a complete solution that can be accessed on mobile no matter where you are



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